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About us

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Anthony Grasso

Founder | Head of Asia Pacific CISO Services


A forward and lateral thinker, highly self-motivated and experienced in modifying and implementing technology to provide high quality, cost-effective and adaptable solutions. Anthony regularly redefines Enterprise, Solution and Security architectures to integrate systems across organisations, leading to improved business outcomes. Well qualified to translate technical detail into understandable business language and skilled at influencing decision-makers in the need for technology investment. Press here for more about Anthony

Matthew Apps

Co-Founder | Head of UK & Europe CISO Services


A versatile and highly skilled programme delivery specialist. Excels in delivering data transformation for organisations. Has led major data centre migrations, large scale application and services delivery on cloud (Azure and AWS) and major data and cyber security programmes within the Financial Services Industry. Specialises in developing data and project delivery disciplines within organisations, operates comfortably at CxO level and enjoys hands-on delivery. Press here for more about Matthew

Chris Buxton

Senior Cyber Security Consultant


A business-focused Digital Professional with international experience and expertise in strategic thought leadership, data-driven innovation, cultural change and digital transformation. A successful international Keynote speaker, he has spoken to audiences and organisations across APAC including Governments in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. He has led digital teams as a CTO, CIO and CDO, with extensive experience working with data to transform business operations within the international defence and intelligence community as well as the New Zealand Public Service. Press here for more about Chris

Ian Burgess

Senior Cyber Security Consultant


A Network (LAN/WAN & Wireless) and Security professional with many years of hands on experience and expertise running his own ISP/MSP. He has a unique blend of technical ability and business acumen, with the ability to bridge the void between management and deep technical resources. Assessing current business strategies and direction, current technologies, and opportunities to establish a compelling vision. Ian assists with strategic planning and has the ability to provide skills, expertise and products that help CIO, IT Managers and even integrators provide the right services to end users. Press here for more about Ian

Louise Mercer

Senior Information and Project Management Consultant


Exceptional strengths in organising complex work, establishing effective relationships, creating strategic and operational plans, managing large numbers of people and change management. Louise has worked in the information and technology sector for nearly 20 years, with experience of local and regional councils, university libraries, central government in both the UK and New Zealand. A strategic leader in information, data and technology, leading multiple teams and running complex programmes of change and improvement across an organisation. Louise is adept at resolving problems and applying people, process and technology in the most effective way to complete a piece of work and can work alongside senior stakeholders to achieve strategic outcomes. Louise is proficient at improving teams and systems to get the best outcome for the organisation and the people it serves. Press here for more about Louise

Graeme McGowan

Senior Cyber Security Consultant


A highly experienced Cyber & Security Consultant, providing specialist risk advisory services plus proprietary converged cyber & physical security services to Public and Private sector organisations. He delivers CPD (Continuing Professional Development) to the Private sector (the Chartered Insurance Institute & the International Underwriters Association) and training on Cyber Threats and Open Source Analysis and Collection. He also provides a resettlement/placement service for those leaving the Government, Law Enforcement and the Military with Metier Solutions. Press here for more about Graeme


What clients are saying

“As a fast growing start-up and online business, Titanium has helped us within just a few days to improve our security posture, identifying immediate actions that we have taken to protect our business. We feel we already have a trusted, cost-effective partner that is vital to our business as we move forward.”

Nigel Nerurkar (Chief Hiring Innovator)
“I have been working with the team at Titanium Defence for 2 years now and cannot recommend highly enough. Anthony goes above and beyond as our vCISO and his knowledge is second to none, you can tell he has learned his craft from the ground up as he is adept at breaking down problems to the basics of the code to find a workable solution. If you are looking for an organisation with depth of experience in all things IT and Cyber Safety then you can’t go past Titanium Defence”

Karen Cantwell (CEO)
Stay Safe Technology Pty Ltd
“ATEK and our customers expect the highest security standards. We are required to meet and maintain the rigorous Defence Industry Security Program (DISP). AEGIS – Early Warning (EW) is an affordable premium security tool we use to continually protect our perimeter. We use the data created by AEGIS-EW as evidence of our security posture for official reviews.”

Andy Herd (Managing Director)
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How we keep you protected

We provide end-to-end integration of cyber security services. We work with the best partners to deliver a set of services appropriate for your business, which we can adapt to provide the best value as your business grows.

Advisory & Consulting

Advisory & Consulting

We start by taking a baseline of your key risks and protection needs and agree a plan to implement this depending on your priorities 
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Strategic Assessments

Strategic Assessments

We provide strategic evaluations of your business
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Technical Assessments

Technical Assessments

We work with our specialist partners in areas that need deep technical knowledge, expertise and experience in areas such as :
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Offensive Assessments

Offensive Assessments

We test and improve your business
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