Ultimate Cyber Security Protection

Arm yourself with knowledge, and understand what’s important when it comes to protecting your perimeter. AEGIS-EW helps you to enforce Zero Trust Architecture, discover Shadow IT and manage processes such as Security Updates, Cryptographic Certificate Management and Password Threat Management.
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Let us evaluate your needs and protect your business. We will tailor the best cyber protection solutions to the size and needs of your business. We strive to do this with minimum cost and disruption leaving you free to focus your energies and investments on your core business.
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Uncover Hidden Risk

Your business has hidden risks across your digital assets. Shine a light on these risk areas and take back control. Understand which aspects of your digital ecosystem can become compromised. The AEGIS Early Warning System gives you eyes in the darkness. We uncover risk areas and help guide you on remediation.


Protect Your Perimeter

In the digital world, organisations come under threat every day. Hackers are constantly on the prowl to locate ways to infiltrate an organisation’s digital perimeter, making it imperative you’re alerted to entry points before they’re compromised.


Stay In Control

With no need for any technical expertise, AEGIS-EW helps you stay in control of your cyber security risk. Receive alerts outlining potential open ports, compromised SSL & TLS certificates and uncover threats such as Shadow IT.

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% of cyber security breaches are human error

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